Here's how Camila Zucchet dressed up with a FRAUD

Here's how Camila Zucchet dressed up with a FRAUD

Fraud in online shopping is becoming more and more common. If you don't know what awaits you, then let us tell you about this interesting case starring Miss Camila Zucchet, whose delivery address is Cison di Valmarino, Italy. We find the face on social media, where it is clear that she was born in France, but how true this is, we can only guess, since the deception sometimes shows a false luxury and Parisian life that some people can only dream of.


And it doesn't matter who from where, Camila Zucchet is a symbol of brazen deception, the one that hides behind the look of a beautiful face. Innocence is debatable though, it's far from how you look, because for the scam this lady did, it can make a lot of people think about what kind of person they actually know or will meet tomorrow or at meeting work.
One of the respected sellers on the French platform Vestiaire Collective - Leila D, who is a professional model - alerted us about the case. It has been offering fashion finds for the last four years and has more than 1,500 successful sales behind it.


- The buyer collects Sandro's fancy coat, sends the cheap junk - pictured.

One of her latest transactions is with the person in question, Camila Zucchet, who buys the latest model of Sandro's coat, the price of which on the official website is 550 euros. On the Vestiaire Collective platform, where customers often shop with an offer for an item, the agreed price is almost half – 270 euros. Really Big Deal! But so far Camila Zucchet is not satisfied, she is ready for dangerous actions ie. understand fraud! On the day of receiving Sandro's original coat via the reputable courier company DHL, the lady is already well prepared and armed with an ancient stone age coat which she subsequently states she has received.



Reported to Vestiaire Collective HQ claiming she had been sent another coat. The fraud is more than obvious! Why would a proven seller on Vestiaire Collective, with over 1500 items sold, send another garment if they want to sell and earn money? However, Camila Zucchet has a big scam and she is exchanging cheap trash with an expensive item for 550 euros! Lying is a serious matter, cheating even more so, and it is a criminal matter. Model Leila D is determined to file a fraud lawsuit against the brat.

palto22- Sandro's coat is priced at 550 euro on the brand's official website. The seller indicates that he has stock of the coats he sold to Camila as well.

“If I do nothing about this case, I will give Camila Zucchet and others like her the power and confidence to cheat other sellers who want to make a fair and honest profit. Money is made in this life, but running such scams with your pretty face and counting on not getting caught is a crime. So I'm going to put sassy Camila in her place. I'm filing a lawsuit against her for moral damages and discomfort caused. Let it be proven in court, because the one who commits fraud must bear the consequences and let this be a lesson to all who act in this bad way", said the model and influencer Leila D. We will follow the case with interest and hope truth be told.


- Leila D is a professional seller. It sends everything it documents with photographic material. Visibly the differences in the coat are there.